Local Specialist Association Chapters

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SD #22 (Vernon)
Maija Daughtry
Email: m.daughtry@live.com

SD #27 (Cariboo-Chilcotin)
Kim Gardner
Email: kegardner@shaw.caa

SD #28 (Quesnel)
Valerie Sanderson
Email: valsanderson@shaw.ca

SD #36 (Surrey)
Jennifer Johnson
Email: hmecteacher@gmail.com

SD #38 (Richmond)
Frances Regan
Email: FRegan@sd38.bc.ca

SD #41 (Burnaby)
Oralie Loong
Email: oralie.loong@sd41.bc.ca

SD #46 (Sunshine Coast)
Cathy Gordon
Email: cgordon@sd46.bc.ca

SD #57 (Prince George)
Tami Hickey
Email: thickey@sd57.bc.ca

SD #61 (Greater Victoria)
Barbara Campbell
Email: mollyandsabi@shaw.ca

SD #68 (Nanaimo)
Katherine Meier
Email: kmeier@sd68.bc.ca

SD #73 (Kamloops)
Denice Marr
Email: den_marr@yahoo.com

SD #79 (Cowichan Valley)
Jane Kirby
Email: jkirby@sd79.bc.ca