THESA Constitution


The name of this association shall be the Teachers of Home Economics Specialist Association, hereinafter called THESA.


  1. Closely monitor and respond to educational change as it affects Home Economics education.
  2. Provide leadership in professional development.
  3. Work towards improving the working and learning conditions in Home Economics classrooms in BC.
  4. Foster within our profession greater understanding of the value of Home Economics.
  5. Continue to increase public awareness of the value of Home Economics.
  6. Maintain the communication network between the executive of THESA and its membership.
  7. Continue to promote professional standards of qualifications and training as well as involvement in other professional organizations.
  8. Act as liaison between the BCTF and our membership.
  9. Build connections with national and international organizations related to home economics.

Article 1 – Base of Operation

The operation of THESA will be carried on throughout the province of British Columbia but chiefly through the British Columbia Teachers Federation office (BCTF), located in Vancouver.

Article 2 – PSA Members

  1. Membership in the PSA shall be open to a person holding any form of BCTF membership (e.g., active, associate, student associate, honorary retiree) on payment of the appropriate PSA fee.
  2. The membership year shall be for 12 consecutive months from the date the application is processed by the BCTF.
  3. Active and associate members of the BCTF will pay the “Member” fee.
  4. A reduced membership fee shall be offered to students in post-secondary programs leading to teacher certification in BC (student associates), teachers who retired from active membership in the BCTF (honorary retirees) and teachers teaching on call (TTOCs).
  5. All PSA members are eligible to vote and hold office in the PSA. Only BCTF active members can serve as president or vice-president or represent the PSA.

Article 3 – PSA Subscribers

  1. An institution or person who does not hold any form of BCTF membership can become a subscriber to the PSA on payment of the “Subscriber” fee.
  2. The subscription year shall be for 12 consecutive months from the date the application is processed by the BCTF.
  3. Subscribers are not eligible to vote, hold office, or represent the PSA.

Article 4 – Honorary Life Members

  1. Honorary life membership in the PSA may be conferred by the Annual General Meeting of the PSA.
  2. An honorary life member’s eligibility to vote and hold office will depend on the member’s current BCTF membership status.

Article 5- Fees and Financial Records

  1. Fees shall be established at each annual general meeting of THESA. Membership fees are payable to the BCTF offices.
  2. An annual financial statement shall be presented to the membership at the annual general meeting.
  3. Financial record shall be maintained by the BCTF accounting service, which shall provide the required financial statements to the THESA executive.
  4. Outside bank accounts must be reported to the THESA Executive and all conference bank accounts should be closed 120 days after conferences.

Article 6 – Organizational Structure

  1. The executive officers of THESA shall consist of president, past-president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, publications editor, curriculum /resources chairperson, webmaster, public relations chairperson and membership chairperson.
  2. The officers shall be elected at the annual general meeting of THESA.
  3. Terms of office for all positions shall be one year from November 1 to October 31.
  4. Whenever a vacancy occurs for any executive position, the executive may appoint a member to fill the unexpired term of office.
  5. The executive officers may appoint special committees as needed (e.g., nominations). Only members of THESA shall sit on committees, and they shall include at least two executive members.  Such committees shall be responsible to the executive.  The executive shall determine the duration and terms of reference for each committee.
  6. The majority of the executive committee must be active BCTF members.


Article 7 – Duties of Officers

  1. President – The President shall be the presiding officer of THESA, represent the PSA at BCTF meetings and shall be a member, ex officio, of all THESA committees. The president shall have general supervision of all matters and affairs of THESA. The president shall send out notice of executive meetings to all executive committee members at least 14 days prior to the meeting. The president shall write a report for each issue of the newsletter.
  2. Past-president – The past-president shall act in an advisory capacity to the executive. The position of past president shall be for one year–directly following the position as president.
  3. Vice-president – In the absence of, or disability of, the president, the vice-president shall perform the duties of the president in planning the agenda for the annual general meeting. At the discretion of the president, the vice-president shall represent THESA at PSA Council meetings. The vice-president shall use social media and other means to promote Home Economics and address issues related to Home Economics on a regular basis. The vice-president shall respond to concerns related to THESA chapters and membership throughout the province.
  4. Secretary – The secretary shall prepare and send out minutes of the previous meeting. The secretary shall keep executive committee address and telephone lists updated, and shall prepare and sign correspondence in the name of THESA when authorized to do so by the executive. The secretary shall assist the curriculum/resource chairperson with scholarship correspondence and selection. The secretary shall send out letters to principals and superintendents of those who are elected to executive positions each year, following the AGM when they are elected.
  5. Treasurer – The treasurer maintains accurate records of the association’s income and expenditures, and reports regularly on them to the PSA executive, working committees, and members. The treasurer interprets and helps to enforce policies and motions of the PSA and the BCTF regarding money matters, compiling them for ready reference, and incorporating additions.  Reports should be made to the executive on the financial implications of each special major activity (such as a workshop).  The treasurer must not only make reports, but also analyze them and recommend alternatives for the future. The treasurer shall be the treasurer on the conference committee and submit conference financial reports and the membership file to the BCTF by the required dates each year.
  6. Publications editor – The publications editor shall provide information pertinent to THESA members by means of 4 newsletters each year, where possible. This information will be compiled and distributed to THESA members in Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall of each year.
  7. Curriculum/resource chairperson – The curriculum /resource chairperson may represent THESA at curriculum-related meetings of the BCTF and outside organizations, and shall encourage the review and updating of all Home Economics programs and keep THESA members updated with any changes. The curriculum/resource chairperson shall be responsible for communication with the conference committee, scholarship committee and professional development planning as required by the membership. The curriculum/resource chairperson shall participate in the developing and sharing of resources to support THESA members with curriculum implementation.
  8. Public relations chairperson – The public relations chairperson shall work with related professional organizations to promote Home Economics and Home Economics education both within the profession and to the public which includes promotion and sales. The public relations chairperson shall source and present ideas for PR items to the THESA executive. The public relations chairperson shall store PR items, manage the sale of these items at events and online, and ship items to customers.  The public relations chairperson shall assist in the promotion of THESA on social media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.).
  9. Membership chairperson – The membership chairperson shall encourage and promote membership in THESA and shall correspond with chapter contacts regarding membership. The membership chairperson shall chair the nominating committee and be responsible for preparing the ballots and conducting the elections at the annual general meeting. The membership chairperson shall manage the membership of the THESA Facebook account and the listserve. The membership chairperson shall be responsible for advertising THESA pins of recognition, collecting nominations, and awarding pins.
  10. Webmaster – The webmaster shall be responsible for the THESA website and maintaining the THESA on-line community.

Article 8 – Meetings

  1. The annual general meeting of THESA shall be held at a time and place to be designated by the executive. All THESA members are to be notified two weeks in advance of the annual general meeting.
  2. The business of the annual general meeting shall include:
  3. Receipt of reports.
  4. Receipt of financial statements.
  5. Nomination and election of officers.
  6. Such other business as may properly be brought before the annual general meeting.
  7. Other general meetings of THESA may be held, from time to time, as ordered by the executive.

Article 9 – Voting

  1. Only BCTF members in THESA are entitled to vote.
  2. Voting shall be by a show of voting cards, except when a ballot is demanded by one-third of the members present. Election of executive members shall be by secret ballot.
  3. The quorum at the annual general meeting shall consist of one more than ten percent of the voting membership of THESA.
  4. The quorum at an executive meeting shall be five.

Article 10 – Chapters

  1. The executive shall have authority to grant recognition to chapters of THESA.
  2. A group seeking recognition as a THESA chapter shall submit the names of the chapter contact, and a list of chapter members to the THESA membership chair.
  3. The executive shall have the authority to establish regulations governing the organization and operation of chapters.

Article 11 – Responsibility to the BCTF

  1. Any business, which the association finds necessary to conduct with agencies outside the BCTF, shall be conducted through the officers of the BCTF. Such agencies include the Ministry of Education, district superintendents, BC School Trustees Association, school boards, and other associations.
  2. As a recognized provincial specialist association, this association shall conform to the constitution and by-laws and to the policies of the BCTF.
  3. Representation shall not be made by the association to any authority or agency outside the BCTF on any matter that is properly the concern of the BCTF without due consent.

Article 12 – Constitution, By-laws, and Amendments

  1. The constitution may be amended by a three-quarter majority vote of the members present at the annual general meeting, provided that notice of proposed changes is given to THESA members at least two weeks prior to the meeting.
  2. The constitution and by-laws of THESA shall not be construed or applied in a manner contrary to the provisions of the BCTF constitution. Any matters arising which are not specifically covered by the by-laws of THESA or the BCTF shall be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order.
  3. A copy of the constitution and by-laws of THESA shall be filed in the BCTF office.

This constitution was ratified by the AGM, October 21, 2016, Richmond High School, Richmond, B.C.



The treasurer’s report to the AGM will include:

  1. A financial statement
  2. An up-to-date statement of actual income and disbursement.
  3. A budget for the following fiscal year.


  1. In conjunction with our Annual General meeting, THESA will sponsor a conference. Because THESA is sponsoring the conference, the THESA name should be prominently displayed as part of all conference material. A conference committee will report to the THESA executive.
  2. The conference committee will prepare a budget, appoint a treasurer and keep a set of books. Conference account books and receipts must be turned over to the BCTF and the THESA executive within 120 days of the conference. A $2000 loan will be advanced to the conference committee for start-up costs. This must be repaid in full within 120 days of the conference. Any conference bank accounts should be closed at this time.
  3. The THESA conference rate for student teachers that are also THESA members shall be a reduced rate of the regular cost for a full THESA member.
  4. While the conference is not expected to make a profit, the committee members are expected to be prudent with their budgeting practices as outlined in the THESA conference guidelines which are distributed to the conference chair. Upon closure of the conference finances (by the THESA executive) 20% of any net surplus will be returned to the conference committee by the THESA treasurer, and the remaining funds will become the property of the THESA executive.

Affiliation conferences and symposiums

THESA will send the president of THESA or a designate to affiliated conferences or symposiums by helping to defray the costs of registration, transportation and accommodation.

Committee representation

A THESA representative for serving on a non-THESA committee will be selected by the full executive at a meeting.

Executive expenses

Preamble – While executive members should not be “out of pocket” for expenses for attending meetings, neither should they make money or profit by attending meetings.

In order to be reimbursed for travel expenses, one must be present for the entire meeting. Receipts for expenses claimed are required for all claims whenever possible. All expenses (except operating expenses of the executive) over $100.00 must be approved by the meeting of the executive before expenditures occur (release time, hotel costs, meeting costs. etc.).

BCTF expense policy (for complete regulations, see Members’ Guide to the BCTF).

  1. The BCTF guidelines will be used to determine how executive expenses for travel are to be paid. The BCTF payment grid will be used for reimbursement.
  2. Members should use the fastest and most economical mode of transportation and are encouraged to make travel arrangements in advance to take advantage of reduced fares.
  3. Members should stay at one of the hotels on the BCTF preferred list whenever possible. Claims should be for single rates only.
  4. When staying with friends and relatives, members may claim $25 per stay for a host/hostess gift for staying overnight with a friend; breakfast should be claimed as an expense only if necessary.
  5. Original receipts are required for the following expense items–airlines, and hotel, telephone in excess of $5.00, other expenses.
  6. Child care– Executive members may claim reasonable childcare expenses. Vouchers should include a declaration regarding the number of children, number of hours of childcare and the name of the caregiver or facility. There shall not be punitive interpretations of our expense guidelines.
  7. Conference registration–This shall be decided yearly (in advance).
  8. Conference teacher on call costs–Will be paid for days of the conference meeting (executive and AGM).
  9. Conference hotel–Will be paid for the nights of the executive and AGM meeting.


The THESA logo will only be used with permission from the executive. The current THESA Executive members for official THESA business will use stationery bearing the THESA and BCTF logo. THESA Chapters are welcome to use our logo on stationery, but must print the name of the local specialist association as part of the letterhead.

Mailing lists

The president must authorise permission for each use of the mailing list and notify the executive of each authorisation. Information to be sent out is related to Home Economics education. An appropriate fee will be charged for the mailing.


The meeting dates for the executive shall be tentatively set at the first executive meeting each year. The minutes of executive meeting will be first sent to the executive so the secretary can be informed if there are any problems or changes required. Once the executive has approved the minutes, they may be sent to the chapter contacts and other non-executive people.

Local Chapters

In the first newsletter of the school year, information will be published regarding local chapters.  Local chapters must contact the membership chair by the advertised date to apply for a chapter rebate or grant.

Membership Fees

Fees for non-BCTF members and students will reflect the BCTF per capita grant to THESA.

Goals and objectives

Each year, THESA Executive will review the Goals and Objectives for THESA. A copy of the plan will be posted on the THESA website and sent to the BCTF.

Professional development

The curriculum/resource chairperson will organise and publicise Pro D activities in response to the needs of the membership. Workshops, which include a fee, should include an additional fee for non-members who do not wish to become THESA members.

Recognition of Home Economics teachers

In the fall of each year, the secretary will send a letter to principals and superintendents of all executive members recognising their contribution to THESA.

To be eligible to receive a pin of recognition, the individual being nominated must fall into one of the following categories.

  1. a) Retired from teaching Home Economics or retiring at the end of the current school year.
  2. b) Has made some type of significant contribution towards improving Home Economics education in the province of British Columbia. In addition, the nominee should have been teaching Home Economics and been a provincial THESA member for at least five years. Two active provincial THESA members must endorse the individual being nominated.

The policies will be published in the newsletter and on the website. The membership chairperson will be responsible for the committee, which will look after the final selection of the recipients for the pins of recognition. The membership chair will submit write-ups about the recipients to the newsletter editor and secretary. The secretary will be responsible to keep a record of all recipients.


Three scholarships of $1000.00 each will be offered (amounts to be reviewed annually by the THESA executive). The Wineva Jones Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to a Home Economics student in his/her final year of teacher education. The THESA Graduate Scholarship will be awarded to a graduate student pursuing a masters or a doctorate degree that would benefit Home Economics education in B.C. The third scholarship, the Dr. Linda Peterat Scholarship is to be awarded to a Home Economics undergraduate, a graduate student, or a Home Economics diploma student. Recipients must be members of THESA.

THESA Executive may appoint a scholarship chairperson. This person will be responsible for appointing a committee to organise the selection of the scholarship recipients. The executive will review the guidelines for selection each fall. A member of the THESA Executive will be appointed to sit on the scholarship committee and will be exempt from applying for or receiving a scholarship.

Teacher on call

The executive or table officers must approve all requests for a teacher on call to be paid by THESA before they are granted.

Public relations

Mail orders will be charged postage and handling fee of $5 for orders up to $50 and $10 for orders over $50 to defray costs.

Last updated– AGM, October 21, 2016, Richmond High School, Richmond, B.C.

© 2016 Teachers of Home Economics Specialist Association