What do more than seventy home economics teachers in British Columbia have in common?

They have been recognized by their peers with pins of recognition for service to the home economics teaching profession. Since 1988, the THESA Executive has honoured the contributions of THESA members in this way. Take a look around your district – has a home economics teacher retired recently or made some type of significant contribution toward improving home economics education in B.C.? Let’s show them how much their contributions are appreciated. There is no better time than now to nominate a worthy individual.

To be eligible to receive a pin, the person being nominated must be in one of the following categories:

  • retired from teaching home economics or retiring at the end of the current school year, or
  • has made some type of significant contribution toward improving home economics education in the province of British Columbia.

In addition, the individual being nominated should be:

  • teaching home economics during the last few years before leaving the profession, and
  • a provincial THESA member for at least five years.

The nominees must be endorsed by two active provincial THESA members. If you would like to nominate one of your colleagues for a THESA pin of recognition, follow these procedures:

  1. Include in the nomination:
    1. the name of the nominee
    2. the home address and phone number of the nominee
    3. the current teaching position of the nominee
    4. the name of the principal at the nominee’s school
    5. the name of the superintendent in the district
    6. accomplishments of the nominee with respect to home economics education in British Columbia
    7. any other pertinent information regarding the nominee
    8. the signatures of both nominators and printed names, addresses and phone numbers.
  2. Send the letter to the THESA Membership Chair.
  3. Pins of recognition will be presented at the THESA annual general meeting or at another appropriate occasion. Some pins of recognition have been presented at year-end staff meetings or retirement banquets.
  4. If someone has retired in your district in the past couple of years, and has not been recognized for their achievements yet, please think about nominating her / him for a pin of recognition.

See below for a list of past recipients

Past Recipients


Nancy Burnell, Alton Cehak, Keren Farquharson, Marion Haig, Ellen Hall, Sue Jackson, Maisie Johnson, Sue MacKay-Smith,
Leslie Paris, Pat Seefeldt


Frances Clive, Dorothy Craig, Prabha Dey, Eveline Dyck, Val Ferguson, Jytte Flagg,Margaret Haivell, Elva Hansen, Peg Harvie,
Helga Lambrecht, Fran MacRae,Celia Sanderson


Dorothy Gardner, Shirley Genier, Enabelle Gorek, Karen Larsen, Thelma Munro, Susan Paynter, Lynne Terlinden, Sheila Wareing


Wineva Jones, Barbara Raynor


Tracy Lee, Pam Mihic


Margaret Dickinson, Evelyn Kerr


Wendy Himestrosa, Debbie Kabush, Pat Robinson, Pat Rooker


Jean Coffin, Pam Manery, Claudia Rivard, Elizabeth Terlesky, Donna Wanless


Barb Roberts, Jill Ziemer


Jo Hutchinson, Judia Pelech, Linda Peterat, Val Smith, Janice Smithaniuk


Betty Giesbrecht, Marie Hutton, Lila Jennejohn, Kathy MacLean, Eleanor Piskorik, Gale Smith


Noëlle Clark, Karen Johnson, Peggy MacAulay, Harjit Minhas


Kathy Armstrong, Mary Soby, Wendy Walker


Doreen Allen, Lesley Carr, Mary Leah DeZwart, Caroline Grimmer, Ruth Hilderman, Tama Kawase, Jean Moore


Sandy Dallin, Sue De Cambra, Carolyn Jennings, Carole Lyons, Valerie Redstone


Valerie Hodowanski (Oshawa, Ontario), Carol Spotswood, Barbara Lewis, Sherrie Allen


Sharon Relkey, Sandra Collins, Cathy Frizzell, Susan Enright, Julie Marett, Vera Buxton, Joanne (Noni) Langdale, Anne Easton, Pat Stearman, Pat Rooker, Amelia Wong, Sandra Dash (nee Gargett), Pat Mackintosh (nee Towstyka), Jane Soon, Nikki Jeffers, Heather Risk, Sandra Chan, Lynn Pluta, Pat Sanderson, Helen Takach, Marie Madderom, Leslie Lennox, Linda Keetley, Sharon Emmerson


Linda Allison, Lorraine Pommen


Vivian Kapusta, Jenny Garrels, Linda Atkinson, Irene Lew, Sylvia Vanderhoek, Janis Waller, Val Ethier


Sandi Slizak, Heather Scott, Linda Hoover, Mary Turner, Barb Rodger


Susan Houston, Audrey Vaughn, Darla Ebbeson, Joy Galea, Leslie Jo Stubbs, Cathy Gordon, Val Palosaari


Barbara Gilbert, Jane Kirby


Lois Janssen, Jean Lyster


Val Grover, Sharon Marshall
Brenda Bavin, Barb Whittle


 Deb Stockdale
 2015  Susan Peterson, Susan Cawker, Marlene Fox
 Denice Marr, Kim Fennell


 Susan Armstrong, Denise McClary, Ellen Hall, Pamella Mihic
 2018  Jennifer Johnson, Lilly Smith