ADSTHome Economics Educators of BC have been actively involved in the development of the new ADST draft framework  .  View what is available below.  Also, THESA is funding two executive members to spend two days this 2015/2016 school year to develop resources to coincide with the new curriculum.  THESA will notify its membership when these resources become available.  Click here to view a slideshow (created by THESA members who wrote the curriculum) that helps navigate the  Ministry website, explains what is new and what is the same, and clarifies myths and truths about the new curriculum.

  • ADST 10-12 Final Drafts  c/o CUEBC
    • scroll down to find Home Economics and Culinary Arts
    • The above curricula will be posted on the Ministry site in the coming week


IMAGE designed by CUEBC


The Integrated Resource Packages for Foods, Textiles, and Family Studies are completed and have been signed off by the Minister. Full implementation is now required!

The new IRPs are available below for: